luni, 22 august 2016

A short review of

Oh well... this is the day when I am going to tell you the story of Tour Wizard, which is basically the story of a software solution that I was testing in the last couple of weeks in my free time - and in fact I was testing it due to the fact that I want to sell my apartment and I thing that doing social media advertising will really help me in accomplishing my goals.

Now... it is pretty complicated to understand my goals - as in fact I was pushed by the social media features that I would want to use in the advertising process to searching for a proper software that would allow me ot create a great listing, and then to also take care of my marketing efforts.

Ant to be honest, when I fist saw the concept of virtual tour software I did not give a damn, I was evaluating those as some exclusivist software packages that are mainly used by very rich companies, wich of course it was very wrong.

In fact, by using the Tour Wizard real estate virtual tour software solution I was able to create a great listing for my house and also to promote that "listing" (which is in fact a virtual tour) in all the interesting medias that I wanted to.

And the marketing capabilities of this software solution are not only the singular strong point, as in fact the ease of use is also a selling point, as a virtual tour creator does not need any design or programming skills, or if there are some less intuitive steps in the process of creating a listing, there is always a support team that will offer very valuable tips and insights in order to do your job properly.

I have really been impressed with Tour Wizard and I really wish them luck with their software solution.

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